How this page was made

The world clearly does have enough blogging software, but I’m writing my own anyway. It’s closer to Jekyl than to Wordpress as it’s static site generator. It has a web interface, uses a database (embedded one, but I’ll eventually make storage a plugin feature), and allows adding ClojureScript driven pages to the site. The last one will allow to add one off experiments the website easily.

Apart from doing its job (e.g. generating this site), the project is an experiment in writing a Clojure+ClojureScript application. The Clojure side is straightforward. It’s the UI that I think I spent the most time on. I don’t do UI or JavaScript programming at my current job, so I had to get familiar with Google Closure library and other web stuff.

Currently the basic features are ready but the last 20% of polish is not there. And I really need to get around to making the web interface look pretty; it’s ugly and full of placeholder text. That’s why I won’t be releasing it in the near future.

I plan to work on it in bursts, to complete some of the fancy features (e.g. I want a something resembling the Facebook timeline). The next thing I’ll be working on is a small UI widget library in ClojureScript, taking into consideration some of the reactive programming libraries and languages. Sometime next year, I think.